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We can fix Laptops and Mac's to!!













We repair nearly all faults with laptops (the only faults we don't tend to do are motherboard failures - as the cost usually means it's not a cost effective repair. But we can do so if you wish!), so we are happy to offer a FREE initial diagnosis of your laptops problem, and give you a very good price to fix it fast.

We prefer to look at your laptop first then give you a price and you happy with that price then only we would carry out the work and if you wish not to get it fixed then there is no fee


We replace a lot of laptop screens for customers, usually because the laptop has been dropped or something dropped on the laptop causing the screen to be broken.

We hold stock of the most common sizes and types, so we are able to offer a same day or next day service on screen repairs and prices start from £40 for a screen to be replaced.


Buy your laptop charger from us for only £15 for a compatible charger, or from £20 for a genuine original charger - and know that it's a quality product.


If you find some keys on your laptop keyboard not working, it could be that your keyboard needs replacing - we can do this for around £20 - £40).



Please, if you have spilled any liquid on your laptop, pull the power out and take the battery out immediately if it is running (Don't worry about shutting down Windows in this situation), or if it is off, don't turn it on until we have checked it over for you - FREE DIAGNOSIS

Unfortunately we have had customers bring laptops to us that have tried using them after spilling drinks onto the computer, and believing the spill to be cleaned up, have had the computer start smoking and die a few days later - in such cases the laptop is then usually beyond economical repair.


We can also reinstall windows or upgrade.

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