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We can fix it!!

The Phone Shop,  we provide repairs on a wide range of mobile phones & smartphones including the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, HTC, LG, Blackberry, Nokia Lumia & many more.




Common Fault

  • Dead: If a phone doesn’t switch-on, it is called a dead phone.

  • Insert Sim Card: In this fault, the SIM card does not get detected.

  • Hanging Problem: In this fault, the handset freezes frequently.

  • Network Problem: No signal and network or low network

  • Microphone Problem: No out-going sound.

  • Ringer Problem: No ring tone, music and loud speaker will not work.

  • Speaker Problem: No incoming sound.

  • Vibrator Problem: No vibration.

  • Display Problem: No graphics on LCD or broken LCD.

  • Auto Switch Off: Phone switches off automatically even if not switched-off.

  • Restart Problem: Phone restarts automatically.

  • Call Cut Off: Call gets disconnected or cuts off.

  • Charging Problem: No charging or very slow charging.

  • Keypad Problem: Keypad doesn’t work or some keys do not function.

  • Home button or volume buttons do not work.

  • Touch Problem: Touch doesn’t work or slow touch.

  • Battery Problem: Battery gets drained very fast even when fully charged.

  • Camera  Problem: Camera does not work.

  • Memory Card Problem: MMC does not get detected.

  • No Internet

  • WiFi Problem: WiFi does not function


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